If you're happy, we're happy.  If something's wrong, tell us and we'll fix it.  It's that simple.  Here are some policies and guidelines we've set in place:


We send all of our orders through Canada Post.  To keep costs to a minimum, delivery is guaranteed within 2-9 business days, unless you specify expedited or express post. We ensure that each order is tracked.  If your order doesn't arrive, let us know.  We'll look into it's delivery status for you.


Opened your M&C parcel and it wasn't exactly what you were expecting?  That's cool.  It happens.  Just send it back within 7 days and we'll gladly refund your purchase.  The only exception is earrings.  For hygienic reasons, we do not offer refunds on earrings.  


It's not really our thing.  

Replacements & Repairs

We sell replacement earrings!  Ever lose one earring and think "rats, now I have to go buy a new pair!".  Not at M&C.  Just send us a pic of your lonely single and we'll find it a new mate and only charge you for the one earring + shipping.

Did you pull on your stretch bracelet and break it?  Send us all of the components and we'll re-string it for you for the cost of shipping.  Can't find all of the beads?  We can talk price on replacing a piece here or there.  Give us a call or send us an email.

Did we not answer your question?  Contact us.  We're really nice.  We promise!