Sand on Hand

At McGregor & Currie Jewelry we specialize in customizable resin jewelry using sand, shells or other elements dear to our customers hearts.  All jewelry is made with solid .925 sterling silver components sourced from suppliers that follow ethical standards and practices.  

We carry a number of sands from Prince Edward Island, national and international beaches. Click on the highlighted links to view swatches of our sand inventory. Each swatch is linked to our Sand Jewelry page. 

Please note that it is illegal to harvest sand or elements (sea glass, shells, driftwood) from PEI national parks and protected areas. We love PEI! It's our home. We appreciate and support the good work others are doing to protect our beaches for wildlife and future generations to enjoy. We don't carry or work with sand obtained illegally, and only stock what we need for jewelry creating and display. We can make hundreds of pieces with what you shake out of your beach towel at the end of the day, so our impact is basically non-existent. We encourage our patrons to choose from our sand stock when possible, so as to not harvest unnecessarily. 

Alternatively, customers are welcome to send their own legally obtained elements (no more than a teaspoon) to:

P.O. Box 148, New Glasgow, PE  C0A 1N0

Sand jewelry takes about 4 days to create once we have the sand in hand. Shipping times vary.