Sand Pendants (Heart)
Sand Pendants (Heart)
Sand Pendants (Heart)

Sand Pendants (Heart)

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A popular option, these made to order pendants are a perfect way to take a piece of your favourite beach with you wherever you go, or show someone you care by giving a gift that's personal. 


  • Base material is solid sterling silver .925
  • 14mm in size
  • Sand is set with a doming jeweller's resin
  • Heart pendants pair well with our 16" and 18" cable chains 


  • We have a number of different types of local, North American and international sands on hand  

  • You can look at what we have through the links provided above OR you can search for sand in the "search bar" starting with province (if the Sand is Canadian), State or country and then the beach name (e.g. PEI Basin Head)
  • You can send your own sand. Please follow the instructions on the Sand Collection homepage


  • It takes four days to complete a piece of sand resin jewelry
  • Once the jewelry is fully cured, we will mail the jewelry to it's final destination (delivery times vary) OR arrange for pick up


  • Main image is a heart pendant with sand from Sheep's Pond 
  • Perspective shot is of a heart pendant with sand from North Rustico on an 18" cable chain