Leaf Studs
Leaf Studs
Leaf Studs
Leaf Studs

Leaf Studs

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Our most popular item, these made to order earrings are a perfect way to take a piece of your favourite beach with you wherever you go, or show someone you care by giving a gift that's personal. 


  • Base material is solid sterling silver .925
  • Available in small (8mm) or large (10mm)
  • Sand is set with a doming jeweller's resin
  • Backs are sterling silver and silicon comfort clutches


  • 24 Carat Gold Leaf
  • Fine Silver Leaf
  • Copper Leaf


  • It takes four days to complete a piece of resin jewelry
  • Once the jewelry is fully cured, we will mail the jewelry to it's final destination (delivery times vary) OR arrange for pick up


  • Main image is of small copper leaf studs
  • Perspective photo is also of small copper leaf studs