Sand Bypass Ring
Sand Bypass Ring

Sand Bypass Ring

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Made to order with sand, shells or other elements (dirt, dried flowers, ashes), this ring is a perfect way to capture sand from opposite shores, two separate destinations etc...


  • Base material is solid sterling silver .925
  • Sizes 6, 7, 8 and 9 (SOLD OUT OF SIZE 7 as of JUNE 26)
  • Cup is 6mm in diameter
  • Sand is set with a doming jeweller's resin


  • We have a number of different types of local, North American and international sands on hand.  Please indicate the sand you would like us to use in the notes section of your order. The "notes" section is found in your cart

  • You can send your own sand. Please follow the instructions on the Sand Collection homepage 


  • It takes four days to complete a piece of sand resin jewelry
  • Once the jewelry is fully cured, we will mail the jewelry to it's final destination (delivery times vary) OR arrange for pick up


  • Main image is our North Shore/South Shore ring with sand from the north and south shores of PEI