Product Care


Sand & Shell - basically all our resin jewelry.

We use a jeweller's grade resin and sterling silver components in the above collections.  For instant sparkle and shine, you can use a sterling silver chemical cleaner, however pay close attention to the instructions.

  1. Sterling silver chemical cleaners are referred to as DIPS. As their name suggests you merely have to "dip" your jewelry into the solution for it to work. DO NOT leave your pieces in for more than 10 seconds.  It will soften resin and discolour the silver. 
  2. Transfer your jewelry directly to warm soapy water (dish soap works). Use a soft toothbrush to get into any nooks. Pay particular attention to clean the chemical solution off of all surfaces.
  3. Rinse thoroughly. If you think it's rinsed enough, rinse it again! A mesh net used for sifting dry ingredients for baking does a great job of helping you give those pieces a good rinse without losing anything down the drain;)
  4. Pat with a paper towel and leave out overnight to dry completely. Make extra sure that anything beaded (pearl, morse code, aromatherapy) is good and dry before you store it.
  5. Store in plastic until next wear.

*You can use the exact same procedure for any of our pearl, crystal, aromatherapy, morse code or plain silver pieces. Just remember to remove all the chemical residue with warm soapy water and then rinse, rinse, rinse. 

*You can also opt to use a polishing cloth on any of our sterling silver jewelry. It's a little more labour intensive, but does a great job.

Sea Glass

Any sea glass set in resin can be cleaned in the same manner as the jewelry above. 

Bezelled sea glass needs to be cleaned with a silver polishing cloth to keep chemicals and moisture from collecting in behind the sea glass.  DO NOT DIP BEZELLED SEA GLASS IN LIQUIDS. 

Plated Jewelry

Do not use silver cleaner or silver polishing cloths on any of our gold plated pieces. The chemicals in these products wear down the plating. Instead polish with a non-treated polishing cloth.  A little warm water and soap goes a long way too. 


  1. Don't wear your resin jewelry to bed. The resin is a soft, pliable material subject to scratching.  Wearing your resin jewelry to bed will make it look dull fast, and might even loosen the resin from its setting. 
  2. Hang your necklaces and chains to keep them from tangling and kinking. Our fine cable chains can tangle really easily. Breaks can happen during the untangling process. Snake and rope chains can kink. Kinks weaken the links and breaks can happen more easily as a result.
  3. Sterling silver loves the acidity of your skin. The more you wear it, the shinier it stays. When you're not wearing it, to keep it from tarnishing make sure it's dry and then store it in plastic or some sort of air-tight container. 
  4. Do not leave your jewelry in damp places like bathrooms, kitchens, on window sills or near heating vents (to prevent tarnishing).
  5. Protect your jewelry by avoiding contact with soaps, perfumes, lotions, makeup and hair products etc. It just adds to build up and dulls the shine.

Not able to get your jewelry as sparkly as you would like? Stop by our seasonal shop between June and September for a complimentary cleaning.